Hi, I am Silvia. A visual communication lover and a professional designer.

I am a visual designer grown up between Milan design schools and London background experiences. I was born in a little town in the Milan countryside in a winter evening of 1991.

During my childhood, I spent a lot of time playing with my aunt’s Pantone markers, the rechargeable ones, and my dad always filled my head with all the packaging proposals coming from the agencies he uses for his products. I followed the family creative streak, and after five years in an artistic high school surrounded by light tables and decadentism paper sheets, I got my Graphic Design degree at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.


I felt the need to gain experience somewhere else, so I packed my suitcase with a little courage and a lot of hopes and I found in London a couple of places that gave me the emotion I was looking for. I spent the last months of the 2014 in a creative studio among bricks and colours of Shoreditch.

I like watching the stars on the summer nights, always hoping to see a falling one. I like daydreaming. I am a little messy person, I always find trouble, but I then forgive myself thinking how life would be boring otherwise.


Since 2016 I work for Atipique, a little studio near Milan, focusing on clients’ images and communication strategies. Occasionally I work for personal clients carrying on with this profession made of enthusiasm, study path and life experiences.

What I do.

I design. I study visual strategies for business communication. I create the visual identity for brands: building the logo, studying the lettering, making it recognizable.

I define the guidelines for a corporate image: a consistent communication between brochures, packaging, social media, or advertising campaigns.

  • Services.

    • brand identity
    • logo design
    • editorial design (books and catalogues)
    • infographics
    • packaging design
    • social media content
    • visual consulting

Some brands I worked for through agencies.


logo star

Gran Ragù Star Design Award / 2012

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Contest Gillette “The art of shaving” / 2018